The Chairman‘s Message

ChairmanDear Associates, parents, students and well wishers Innovative technologies and internet applications have transformed the modern business environment. Today, enterprises look forward for professionals who have the right blend of Knowledge, Skill sets, Attitude, Professionalism and Integrity. At Jai Bharath, we firmly believe in a practical approach to cater the requirements of the ever changing business world. The unique and special atmosphere at Jai Bharath is generated from a blend of dedicated and caring faculty, excellent infrastructure and best practices, designed to prepare students to be global managers who are confident in meting the requirements of the industry and challenges of the future. I look forward to welcome young, enthusiastic future managers and software professionals to experience the learning environment at Jai Bharath in developing your professional career.

Director's Message

directorThe world has changed profoundly and Education is going global. In this borderless world, there is need for global managers who have international fix. The ever changing business environment requires a new breed of people who can tame the waves of change and emerge victorious. We are on the dawn of a new academic year and it is now time to look forward and move ahead once again—a time to look ahead into a future that brims with new promises. Identifying the right institution and the right programme paves the way to harness the emerging opportunities. A golden chance is bestowed on you to join an institution focused on developing management professionals in tune with industry requirements.
“You are welcome to JBSMS, a unique business school designed to give comprehensive knowledge to Potential managers with its industry linkages and state of the art programmes and facilities to facilitate student-industry interaction.”
The MBA/MHRM programme in JBSMS aims at providing the required knowledge, attitude and skill base to enable the students to excel in their career and place them on a fast track career path. We have already evolved a mechanism- incisive, en- graving, intensive, imaginative and innovative- which is capable of surfacing out the inner talent and creativity of the young because we believe that ‘brains like hearts go where they are acknowledged and appreciated’. Quality courseware, excellent delivery by proven academicians and industry experts coupled with e- learning supports and innovative assessment methods make learning in Jai Bharath a fascinating experience and a credible option.
Jai Bharath work proactively towards offering you many opportunities for personal development as we understand that employers now look for more than just a degree. They want confident, organized, multi-skilled and flexible individuals who have problem- solving and independent decision making capabilities and can both be members and leaders of a team. JBSMS helps you become that person