• MBA - Dual Specialization
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Information Systems
  • MBA Integrated for Readily Available Jobs
  • SAP Global Certification
  • Aviation
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Energy Management ( For B.Tech. Graduates)

Master of Business Administration

MBA full time Program

The 2 year full time MBA program of Mahatma Gandhi University, approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is offered under semester system. The objectives of MBA program are the following:

  • To develop young MBA aspirants into professional managers who can contribute to the growth of business and industry in India and the world
  • To develop astute leaders who can efficiently and effectively manage business amidst of environmental turbulences
  • To nurture entrepreneurial skills among young generation and make them effective change agents
  • To contribute towards better management practices in the country and the world by offering quality management education

Course Duration : 2 Years – ( 4 Semesters)

Academic Calendar:

The academic calendar has been designed to ensure that the course will be completed within the stipulated two years time. The date of commencement of the course will be notified by the University. JBSMS follows the academic calendar published by the University in order to ensure timely completion of the course, conduct of examinations, project work and declaration of results

Academic Calendar
Semester Duration & Month/s Month of University Examinations / Project
S1 July to November 3rd week of November
S2 December to April 3rd week of April
S2 May Organization Study
S2 Second Week of June First Year Viva
S3 June to October 2nd week of October
S4 November to March 2nd week of March
S4 April - May Summer Project
S4 First Week of June Comprehensive Viva

MBA Programme Scheme

The MBA Programme of Mahatma Gandhi University enables the candidates to acquire conceptual, technical and human skills to meet the requirements of industry, business and society. It prepares the candidates with knowledge, skills, and strategic perspectives essential for business leadership. The MBA

Programme consists of 29 subject courses, Organization Study and 1 project work. There are 2 viva voce for MBA programme, comprehensive subject viva in first year and comprehensive viva in second year. All theory courses carries 100 marks each, out of which 40 marks for continual evaluation and 60 marks for comprehensive evaluation by University. The first and second semesters have 800 and 900 marks respectively. The third and fourth semesters have 900 and 700 marks and the total marks for the MBA Programme is 3300.

Core Courses:

There are 23 core courses for the MBA Programme which comprises of 19 core subjects, Organization Study, 1 Project Work and 2 Viva voce. The first and second semesters have 16 core subjects and one comprehensive Viva voce of first and second semesters together. The third semester has 2 core subjects and Organizations Study Report. The final semester have 1 core subject, summer placement project and comprehensive viva voce for third and fourth semesters and summer placement project. All core courses are compulsory and carry 100 marks each.

Elective Courses :

There are 10 elective courses out of which 6 are in the third semester (3 courses each from 2 functional areas) and 4 in the fourth semester (2 courses each from 2 functional areas). The students are required to select 5 elective courses each from 2 functional areas of management only (e.g. Finance & Marketing).

List of Electives
Sl. No. Name of Functional Area
S1 Finance
S2 Marketing
S2 Human Resources Management
S2 Operations Management
S3 International Business
S4 Information System
Organisation Study

First Year Every student has to undergo an Organisation Study and produce a report on the functioning of an organisation from the managerial perspective. This study and the report will be treated as full course carrying 100 marks. The internal marks for the Organisation Study will be awarded by means of Report Presentation and Viva voce conducted by a Board of Faculty Members appointed for this purpose by the Faculty Council of the respective Institute. Students are permitted to do their Organisation Study only in Organisations listed in Securities and Exchange Board of India – SEBI business for a period not less than 4 weeks. No student from the same college is permitted to undergo Organisation Study in such Organisation where a student from the same college is admitted for an academic year. A certificate from the Internal Guide of the business Organisation should also be obtained by the student after the successful completion of the project and the same should be attached with the project report. While selecting the Organisation, it should be a manufacturing Organisation with four functional areas such as Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, and Operations Departments.

Summer Project

At the end of the fourth semester, the students are required to do a Project Work on a problem centered study and a Report of the same is to be submitted before the University and Comprehensive Viva voce Board. The students will have to identify a relevant managerial problem related to organisation / industry and basic research work has to be conducted to study the problem in detail. The students are required to use proper statistical tools (Descriptive & Inferential Statistics) in their project work. The total duration of this project study is 8 weeks and total marks for the dissertation is 100. Project work should be done in a National or International Business Organisation. Students are expected to select the topic of study from any one of the functional areas that they have opted as their specialisation.